Monday, November 14, 2011

kidlet #3


too sweet for words.

Emiko Tirzah. age 2.

this baby is a baby no longer! she is still growing and changing so much while i am gone. She said "i miss you, Jenna!" on skype the other day, and I just about died. She's going to be a kid when I get back and no longer a baby. thats weird.

she LOVES books. she loves caring for others, whether it be taking care of her baby doll orpicking up all of your things laying around (phone, keys, paper from your desk that you really don't need) and giving them to you. she's a cuddler. she loves running and squealing. she just loves life.

this concludes the kidlet series. WOAH A SERIES ON THE BLOG. this blog is going profesh.
i miss them. i love them. i can't wait to see them!

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