Thursday, July 05, 2012

foshay, fo sho.

stephie and i went on an adventure. we went out late at night, climbed up to perilous heights, saw the beautiful city lights. would you check out those rhymes! (who is thinking of the princess bride in their head right now?) it was a nice warm summer night, so wandering downtown at midnight didn't seem so bad...especially with such wonderful company. 

Monday, July 02, 2012

the time we adventured home.

this past week i took the littles home to grandma and grandpa's for a couple of days. what a party it was, what an exhausted auntie i was. we chatted with and chased the ducks and geese at the zoo. we played with chalk, water, and paint brushes on the driveway until there was no more empty space. we swung on tire swings until we got a little sick. (oops.) we snuggled on a blanket in the grass and read books from my childhood. we slip and sled until our bodies were sore. we had family time and, oh my, was it a good time. 

Saturday, June 30, 2012

here we go again

it tis that time again, the time for a new blog post. like, a really intense one, its been a good 8 months in the making! it has been a beautiful summer night that i joyously spent eating pancakes, reading, and watching too many youtube videos. i also worked on some snazzy new blog changes! it will really be a challenge to keep up on this baby, but its a challenge i am up for! jinxed it? we'll see. ;)

go eat some pancakes, maybe watch a boy band serenade you. (no i didn't, yes i did) 
trust me, its good stuff.

so its a big hello and welcome back to

...mah bloggity blog blog.