Monday, November 14, 2011

kidlet #3


too sweet for words.

Emiko Tirzah. age 2.

this baby is a baby no longer! she is still growing and changing so much while i am gone. She said "i miss you, Jenna!" on skype the other day, and I just about died. She's going to be a kid when I get back and no longer a baby. thats weird.

she LOVES books. she loves caring for others, whether it be taking care of her baby doll orpicking up all of your things laying around (phone, keys, paper from your desk that you really don't need) and giving them to you. she's a cuddler. she loves running and squealing. she just loves life.

this concludes the kidlet series. WOAH A SERIES ON THE BLOG. this blog is going profesh.
i miss them. i love them. i can't wait to see them!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

just a little sneak peek...


so i've been back from Italy for a week now, and no update. sorry, y'all! but they're coming. so here are some pics to hold you over, because I know you're all fretting over this and just dying to see the pictures! i hope my sarcasm translates through the computer machine.

i will tell you this, all sarcasm aside. Italy was wonderful. It was beautiful, exciting, foreign (yes, you may call me captain obvious), magical, and delicious. We will unpack this in future posts.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

so there was this bullfight...

Picnik collage

all the way back in september (september! it feels like that was just last week), i got to go to a bullfight with some friends. I didn't know what to expect, and I had heard everything from they don't kill any bulls to they kill 6 bulls. It turns out it was the latter. It was kind of hard to watch (especially the first couple bulls), and when I think about it, I didn't watch the whole time. I spent a lot of time facing my friend bri, saying "oh my gosh. oh my gosh. oh my gosh.". I'm glad i was a good spanish experience.

Have you ever heard about how a bullfight is like a dance? It really is cool how the matadors move and the presentation of it all. It was also fun to play with my camera and take some cool pictures. If only I had better zoom! alas, i do not. enjoy the piccies anyway. :)

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

i hath discovered...

i have a favorite spanish word!

I've always wanted one, but nothing has ever stuck out to me. But I definitely found it, and i use it quite a lot, just because i want to say it. Are you ready? readddyyyyy?

the word is...


awesome, right? you pronounce it: teekeesmeekees. Its so fun. I just say it all the time. And when I was looking up the spelling on Word Reference, the english translation is JUST as awesome. How? let me tell you.

The word means picky. Like, "she's really picky about what she eats." But when I looked it up on Word Reference, the english word is: fusspot. What is a fusspot? Apparently its someone who is fussy or picky in english. Who knew, right?

It was also halloween on Friday at school, and some girls and I dressed up 80's. I definitely listened to some MJ and looked up some 80's lingo to get me in character. My favorite word I found was bodacious. It just rolls of the tongue. I will be using that word more often as well.

I love expanding my vocabulary.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

kidlet #2


this little gentleman is Jonas Micah, affectionately known as Jojo. Yes, he was born at the peak of the Jonas Brother's fame and yes, I did think he had the coolest name ever. No shame.

Little Jojo here LOVES cars and trains. Typical boy. He has a curious little mind that keeps everything interesting. He has the biggest gut chortle [favorite word] that makes everyone around him start laughing. He also adores his sisters, and when not being the typical pesky little/big brother, he hugs and kisses and loves on them.

He's treasured.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

just a little sevilla.

Picnik collage11

just some shots of my sevilla::

the cathedral thats BEAUTIFUL and in the middle of the city. we all just walk by it like its nbd.
pretty designs from the tile in my house.
the window from my house.
the view from my house.
coca cola light=necessary when its almost 100 degrees out! we're also super classy and drink it out of a 2 liter bottle with ice.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

kidlet #1


So this precious little girl has already been introduced on the blog, but here she is again.

Miss Kalea, age 5.

She has the prettiest green eyes, the greatest smile, the biggest giggle, SO MANY facial expressions, such a sweet heart. She also loves español. When I lived with my sister this summer, all I heard was, "Jenna, how do you say watermelon in español? How do you say book in spanish? How do you say [insert any word in the english language] in spanish?" She's a girl after my own corazón.

So this is kidlet #1, who I miss dearly. More kidlets to come.