Tuesday, November 08, 2011

i hath discovered...

i have a favorite spanish word!

I've always wanted one, but nothing has ever stuck out to me. But I definitely found it, and i use it quite a lot, just because i want to say it. Are you ready? readddyyyyy?

the word is...


awesome, right? you pronounce it: teekeesmeekees. Its so fun. I just say it all the time. And when I was looking up the spelling on Word Reference, the english translation is JUST as awesome. How? let me tell you.

The word means picky. Like, "she's really picky about what she eats." But when I looked it up on Word Reference, the english word is: fusspot. What is a fusspot? Apparently its someone who is fussy or picky in english. Who knew, right?

It was also halloween on Friday at school, and some girls and I dressed up 80's. I definitely listened to some MJ and looked up some 80's lingo to get me in character. My favorite word I found was bodacious. It just rolls of the tongue. I will be using that word more often as well.

I love expanding my vocabulary.

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