Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lazy Sunday

This weekend was a jolly time of slip'n'sliding, helping Meg pack, and relaxing. I got to play with Carly's cousin's Canon Rebel and I CANNOT WAIT for Christmas...hopefully I'll have my own. :)

She's gone. Megan is goooonneeeeeee. College has taken her away from mua. gah. Thank goodness she's got her blog to get me my fix of my Toyota.

Weekend Quotes::
"Sometimes we pretend to be dum, but we're really smart."
"We got a wok pan." "Don't you just put tapes in it? " "No Megan, not a walkman."

the Talking Tomcat application is the funniest game ever created for the iPhone. I've spent a few hours on it in the past couple days. lolz

also, i love my new ring. Caro might say i'm obsessed...she might be right...

my friends and i are creative. Who knew post-its could hold so many memories?

this is the most random post of all time. I'm now going to return to my afternoon of watching glee and playing sims.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

paging Fluscious...


My bestie best friend and myself scooted over to the twin cities for the weekend to see the Dead Sea Scrolls and some special little friends. I had the joy of waking up at 5 a.m., and when we got to the cities we slipped and slid with my nieces and nephew, and i'm pretty sure we enjoyed it more than them. we have another slip and slide date for tomorrow.

TAYLOR SWIFT ON SNL IS FUNNAYYYY *in parentheses (lalala).

The Science Museum of Minnesota holds some fantastic memories, and we had fun exploring the body exhibit (yay sneezing girl), viewing the Dead Sea Scrolls, and pretending to be newscasters. THEN when we were dawdling in the basement looking at our arm hairs with a microscope, we were ushered into a back hall due to tornados (FUN!). Carly believed we were in a movie scenario, where a group of people are in a crisis, and must depend on each other to solve it. I believe in our movie there would be cannibals involved. All ended well, and we got home to chill with my sister. Good day, grand night.
So if i bored you with my life story, lo siento. Hopefully the pictures will help. If you can't tell, I love the sky. OBSESSED with the sky.

also, my God is beautiful (see sky pictures).

listening to::
Daydreams//Breanne Düren
Such Great Heights//Iron & Wine
Gracie//Ben Folds

Monday, July 12, 2010

oh hey, nature.

Español: Estas fotos son de hace un par de semanas cuando algunas amigas y yo caminamos con dificultad por el barro para encontrar bosques y una laguna pequeña y bonita. Era un día estupendo y tenemos mucho divertido con globos lilas obtuvimos de una tienda local. Por fin yo edito las fotos esta noche, y creo que las salieron bien. Me doy cuenta de que me encanta editar fotos y estoy muy emocionada para el otoño y el comienzo de mi clase de fotografía.

Hoy, yo trabajé para el mejor del día y hice ejercicio antes de yo pasé mucha de la noche con mi madre. yo quisiera limpiar mi cuatro, pero esto no ocurrió, como siempre.

mi madre está divertidísimo. yo la amo.

Nececito terminar my poste...tengo solamente 16% en mi batería hasta que mi computadora morirá. Tengan una noche maravilloso!

Espero que todo comprenda mi españ es perfecto. :)

Ingles: These shots are from a couple weeks ago when some friends and I trudged through the mud and into the woods to a cute little pond. It was a beautiful day, and we had a lot of fun with some lilac balloons we got at a local shop. Tonight I finally sat down and edited them, and I think they turned out really well. I'm realizing again how much I love editing pictures, and am really excited for this fall to start my photography course at school.

Today, i worked for most of the day and worked out before spending most of the night with my mom. I wanted to clean my room, but that didn't happen, like always.

my mom is hilarious. i love her.

I need to finish up my post...I only have 16% of my battery left before my computer dies. Have a wonderful night, all!

actualmente escuchando a:

Fire with Fire//Scissor Sisters

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Return

So, this is a little awkward.

Its been a LONG time since I've updated the eloquently named Happy Endings, but I hope that my lack of posts will be forgiven by my very dedicated reader. (lolz)

In my return, I have a new plan and direction for the blog. In future posts, I plan to write first in Spanish, and afterwards in English. As a Spanish major, I want to get as much practice in as possible outside of class. Notice that I said future posts. Its far too late for my brain to function properly tonight, so my bilingualish awesomeness will have to be postponed.

I've also decided that I really want to include pictures in most, if not all posts. I think they're a really fun visual way to enhance what I want each post to convey. Or ease someone's or the other.