Saturday, August 03, 2013

made in the eighties.

yesterday i decided that i've watched too much scrubs. when i watch shows on netflix, i mean i watch shows on netflix. like way too often, way too much, and i am on scrubs overload. i just see jd and turk and carla and janitor everywhere! mostly its really entertaining, but i'm ready for some variation.

which brings me to whats next on my fungenda.

80s movies.  80s movies!

i watched Pretty in Pink last night, and just fell in love.  duckie, huge 80s hair, records, the clothes, and the fact that they had no cell phones just blows my mind. no internet, twitter, facebook, texting, skype, or instagram. i love how things are so similar to today, but yet so different. its so great. so. i've decided to start watching 80s movies because i've seen practically none!

tonight? the breakfast club. 

to come?
st. elmo's fire, say anything, sixteen candles, the goonies, the wedding singer, ferris bueller's day off, ghostbusters, fast times at ridgemont hight, when harry met sally,  footloose, back to the future, flashdance, risky business, ...

i'm sure i will find more. i'm excited to start watching!

p.s. picture because i think pictures are just necessary! who knows why.