Saturday, January 30, 2010


I have decided to spotlight my friends in posts. starting with a dear friend who i am chillin wit tonight. We'll call her........Ashley.
There are some blog-diggity-dog cool things about ashley. there are lost-i mean lots- of them. here goes....::::


gladiator. pride and prejudice. chronicles of narnia. the village (only the best soundtrack EVER). pirates of the caribbean.


she has at least 12 cups a day. false. 16. yet she remains eerily melloww......

-guitarish things

jon foreman. her violin. folk. her guitar. jesus. (which one, she'll never tell) i walked in on her playing bad romance. nickel creek.

-head dressings

she has this amazing head dressing she got from some indie store, something like walstore? i can't remember exactly. but its wonderful.


she wears them under her jeans and they look ad-or-ablay. and apparently they keep her warm too.

-burt's bees
super awesome honeycomb pattern.
we share a passion for fighting chapped lips. and i always manage to get my hands on her bumblebeeee chapstique.

she has gotten me addicted. and if jack and kate don't get together, i may get hurt.


'jenna, you're not supposed to blog about other people, your supposed to blog about your funtivites.'


'you've got chocolate on the corner of your mouth.'

'no touching the overhang.'

'coffee time!'

'seductive chin flaps'

'i don't yahoo! stop using that ghetto slang!'

'don't bruise my apple!'

'jenna. stop it.'

'jenna, chewing on ice is a sign you're a crack addict'

' addiction to petroleum jelly is the second sign.'