Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lazy Sunday

This weekend was a jolly time of slip'n'sliding, helping Meg pack, and relaxing. I got to play with Carly's cousin's Canon Rebel and I CANNOT WAIT for Christmas...hopefully I'll have my own. :)

She's gone. Megan is goooonneeeeeee. College has taken her away from mua. gah. Thank goodness she's got her blog to get me my fix of my Toyota.

Weekend Quotes::
"Sometimes we pretend to be dum, but we're really smart."
"We got a wok pan." "Don't you just put tapes in it? " "No Megan, not a walkman."

the Talking Tomcat application is the funniest game ever created for the iPhone. I've spent a few hours on it in the past couple days. lolz

also, i love my new ring. Caro might say i'm obsessed...she might be right...

my friends and i are creative. Who knew post-its could hold so many memories?

this is the most random post of all time. I'm now going to return to my afternoon of watching glee and playing sims.

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