Monday, October 31, 2011

Fui a Córdoba!


We get to reminisce a little bit here about the first trip I took while here in Spain. We went as a school to Córdoba, a town a couple hours from Sevilla. It was super different from the big city that we came from, but it was a quaint, small 'pueblo' with SO much history. jackpot.

The primary reason we went was to visit the mosque there, which has a pretty cool layout. It was first a Visigoth church, which the muslims converted into a mosque when the took over the area. There are different sections of the mosque that get more and more elaborate as the kingdom grew more wealthy and the emirs wanted to showcase the splendor of the kingdom in the mosque. Then the Christians took over Córdoba, and decided to build a 'cathedral' in the middle of the mosque. There are so many layers of history in one building, and it was beautiful.

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