Wednesday, October 12, 2011

the elephant in the room...

oh, hey!
Long time, I know. But i guess i have something to tell you. um. so..
I'm in Spain. As I have been for the past 7 weeks today, pretty much to the hour. I didn't even plan that, but I'll go with it! If I had a nickel for every time I said to myself, "I'm going to blog tonight!" during these past seven weeks, I'd still be poor because I'm using the euro here and the dollar is weak. Don't worry, guys, I'm still funny!

It seems like the past 7 weeks have gone so fast, and its really weird to think that I've been here that long. But its also strange to think that I have another 9 and a half to go. I'm learning SO MUCH about spanish (durr), myself, God, culture, relationships, and more. Its been a little cray-cray, but thats when you learn. So I've been learning.

Since its been 7 semanas [yes i will be attempting to teach you spanish] since I've been here, I have LOTS to catch you all up on. Prepare yourselves. The posts are a-comin'.

also, I LOVE YOU. and miss you. mucho.

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  1. mmm. I miss you. But I'm pumped that Spain is just awesome for you! :) I cannot wait to hear all the stories you have!